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I loved working with you , you made me feel safe loved and lighter. You are such a great energy to work with and have opened my eyes to all of the great things I’m capable of achieving.


Reiki Master & Lightworker


Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me today. You are truly amazing at what you do. I felt the universe echoing through the messages you had for me today. I have been asking for confirmation for quite a while, it is so good to have that confirmation and to come to understand some of the stuff I wasn’t necessarily aware of!

So powerful! Thank you



An insight session is a great chance to work with me 1:1 to see how I work.  You can trial working with me in this 60 minute session at a heavily discounted rate.  Book below!

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One of the biggest challenges I see clients face when growing and changing and becoming more of who they are & happier; is that those around them often times just don’t cope.

Sadly there is no end to what some people will do to keep us the same, playing their game their way at our own expense.

This is the reason I created the ‘Grow Your Own Way’ self study program, so you are support and know how to handle relationships as you grow, and have clarity on knowing ‘when to hold em and when to fold em’. ¬†Click on the image to learn more.

It was amazing. The workbooks were beautiful and so handy, really helpful. Videos were amazing without being too long winded. Just right


The program is thought provoking and an opportunity to think deeply about your relationships.


Hi Narelle!  Just wanted to thank you for the free decision making tool you sent in a recent Sunday Soul Newsletter….it turned up at just the perfect time for me as I was wrestling with a tricky choice in my personal life.  I really liked that the worksheet was laid out logically and was really easy to follow.  It gave me really clear and deep insight into my situation that I had not previously had and helped me make the best choice for me (which was not actually my first choice!)

Thanks again



DIrector of Marketing, NFP Sector

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If you are returning to work, looking for a new career direction or otherwise stuck about your next career move then this is the perfect place to start.  Click through to learn more about my Career Re-Assessment Guide, it will save you a heap of time and money  in finding your new direction

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