The innerverse is our own internal universe, our own place in the universe where all of us resides, the place through which our soul expresses its wisdom and guidance, it is the place where we operate from on a day to day basis at work, in our relationships, at home, in our leisure time.

It is the place from which all decisions are made about everything. 

It is the place from where we derive our set of values and ideals as well as our own self-worth. 

It is where our spirit resides.

It is the place we call home on every level.

When our innerverse works well we can stand in our power and express our pure and beautiful self.

We connect to our intuition and can hear the internal guidance system that is our soul. 

We can relate to others openly and honestly with trust and faith in our own ability to manage any outcome.

We believe in our own ability and have good self-esteem. 

We value what we do as well as who we are.

We have clarity of thought, we know our own mind well and can make decisions that are aligned with our values and are considered. 

We have our own version of spiritual connection that we feel at home with. 

We know our own value system and we live accordingly. 

We are connected at every moment to ourselves as well as the greater universe that we are a part of.

When our innerverse is not functioning well and in need of healing we can experience is as a raging emotional storm within or a quiet whisper that tells us we are not ok, ever. 

It might be foggy and cloudy, and we are not able to see clearly the best path of action to chart or decision to make. 

We second guess, we avoid, we defer power to others. 

We are unable to see the black holes and skirt around their edges, and too often fall in. 

We have electrical storms that influence our connection with ourselves and others, causing relationship challenges, avoidant behaviour and difficulty with intimacy. 

Their might just be a blanket of darkness that pervades all of us leaving us with little understanding of who we are or how we tick.

This Might

Show Up As:


The feeling of being alone, even when you are in a crowded room

Lack of confidence in yourself and sometimes others

The inability to feel connected in your relationships, sometimes they might even fall apart

Difficulty in making clear and concise choices that factor in thoughts, feelings and intuition all at once.  Or simply put, shitty choices

Feeling disconnected and isolated from the world

Depressive episodes

A generalised lack of happiness within yourself, that you cannot quite explain

Appearing on the outside ‘to have it all’, but on the inside, you just cannot get past the feeling that something is missing and that there surely is more to life

We never see the clear and beautiful starry sky, the galaxies within, the beautiful construction of our innerverse, its intricate patterns and connections, colours and life or amazing planets.

Narelle Shiell

Founder of #innerversity

I am not a business coach, but I can tell you there is no greater marketing tool than an innerverse that has been healed because it allows you to express the unique and powerful force that is you.

I am not a corporate coach who will dictate strategy to you, but I can tell you the clarity that comes from an innerverse that has been healed is the most powerful strategy you can employ right now to take steps forward.

I am not a psychic who will divine your future for you because I know the powerful intuition that you will experience when you have done the internal work and healed your #innerverse.

I am not a health coach who will tell you to eat this, drink that or start a new exercise regime to heal what ails your body.  Because I know when you heal your innerverse you will make the best possible decisions for your own lifestyle and bodily needs.  And that might not mean your condition is fixed but it will mean you are giving your body a fighting chance to do its very best work.

I’m not a superficial healer who simply band aids your problem with a new strategy each week for every ill.  Slapping a band aid on an infected dirty wound will only make it worse in the long run. 

I know that healing a wound can sometimes be painful as it is cleaned and stitched.  

When you experience true healing in your innerverse you too will know the difference and the powerful benefits from healing wounds the right way.

Narelle was a real God send for me. I connected with Narelle and received regular counselling and coaching support over a 12-18 month period. At the time I was going through some seriously stressful challenges in my relationship with my hubby. If not for Narelle’s wisdom, support and good humour to help me keep everything in perspective I would have felt very alone with my problems. Narelle is extremely knowledgeable and understanding. She helped me make sense of some complex challenges and to navigate my way through some very tough times with more ease & laughter. Narelle has a great practical, no nonsense, down to earth approach which is really refreshing and helpful. If you’re looking for help to solve your own problems Narelle is an excellent coach who will help you overcome your challenges and reach your goals, I highly recommend her service. Thanks Relle 


Business Owner, Business Goddess

Imagine, if you will, what your life would be like if you never had to fight with yourself again…

I am not someone who will tell you how you should be because when you heal your innerverse you will know within in every cell and fibre of your being who you are.

Who am I then?

I am the tour guide in your innerverse who can take you on the journey to the centre of your being, to uncover the precious gem that is the true essence of you. 

And when we find it I’ll help you clean it up and make it shine.

I promise to:


Guide you safely inward

Hold space for you

Give you tools that will help you grow

Remind you of how brave you really are

Hold your hand when shit gets real, and it will

Be your rock when you get tired and need to lean on someone

Ask you the hard questions so we can effectively clean out your wounds and heal them

Because when you shine from the inside you are truly incandescent, and your light can never be dimmed.

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