Hi – I am Narelle, some know me as a bullshit detector, others just know me as the person that will spot misalignment from 1000 paces.  In fact in primary school I got picked on because I used to measure my socks so they were the exact same height – true story.

Balance & Alignment in life are my passions & professional strength. These form the basis for my client work.

Before really owning these superpowers I had a number of careers in business finance and administration management, sales and marketing in the media industry, remedial massage, counselling and polarity therapy. I even worked as a trainer for a bit and still do.  Each role has given me insight and training to allow me to hone my skills and develop my own brand of doing and being.  

Working in the corporate space showed me a lot about systems and structure in the workplace and how people need that to operate at their best.  

Operating my own massage, polarity therapy and counselling practice taught me a lot about ‘lean’ startup, business modelling and marketing.  

Working in the media – wow that was a plethora of information about mindset, psychology and sales, how to market products in traditional media.  

Every role taught me more and more about people, about being human, about stress, about meaning and how to create it.

For a lot of it I was, myself, not a happy camper.  I didn’t acknowledge my gifts in spite of using them a lot; experienced a serious car accident,  health crises, single parenthood, divorce, and workplace bullying.  

I was probably more ‘human’ than most people, the joy of being an experiential learner!  It taught me a lot about myself and people in general.

After being forced to accept the reality of ongoing autoimmune disease in recent years I realised that I had to adapt and really lean into those gifts, acknowledge them, accept them, and own them.

For me that gift is insight and intuition, the ability to really ‘see’ people.

The fact that I can do it with lightness, humor and in a grounded way is what makes that gift special.

Some would and have referred to me as psychic – not a term I personally use or am actually that comfortable with but understand sometimes it does seem that way.  

Personally I see it as being well connected, reading energy and people and being able to interpret that accurately.  

This gift has always informed my work and still does today.  It does not replace counselling and mindset work, coaching or training but it cuts through the bullshit and clutter so we can get to the heart of a problem, situation or person quickly

Formally, my qualifications include:

  •      Cert IV TAE
  •      Cert IV Counselling
  •      Telstra Sales training 8 week program
  •      Flinders University staff training in Project Management
  •      Cert IV Remedial Therapies
  •      Diploma of Polarity Therapy

I have also attended a number of non accredited programs such as the ‘stand up with confidence’ training run by comedian Dave Flanagan and the IMAD (I make a difference) program

Hi Narelle

Thank you so much for our recent session. Your attention to detail and great questions helped me to feel a renewed sense of optimism. As a result, after just one appointment in your calming presence, I was empowered to know that I can continue to work on stress-related issues on my own till our next session. It is clear to me that you have worked hard on refining your craft, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your dedication.




Business Owner, Forever Living

On a personal note…

I  am married to Andrew and have 2 ‘almost adult’ children and a step son.  They keep reminding me about how old I am!  We live in Balgal Beach in Far North Queensland.  I love it here, it’s my own little slice of country paradise 🙂

Here are some quick facts about me, the person; because I always find that I like to get to know the people I work with, so I will go first with some quickfire questions…

Originally from: Adelaide, South Australia

Favorite Movie:  Breakfast Club

Instruments I play: Trumpet, piano and percussion and soon to be learning cello!

Hobbies:  My other blog Blessed Health, watching movies, travelling, music

Pets: Miss Kitteh, the little black rescue cat, do my kids count?

Favorite Food:  Pavlova – though I rarely indulge these days

Favorite Drink: Chambord & Soda with a wedge of fresh lime, very tropical

Dislikes: Bullies and Brussel sprouts

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